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                                     c2 infinitudes is a natural   language  generation and representation 

                             software inspired by idea derived from the sequence: 

                              artist | cause | happen | be |      

                               cheat death & cause |    

                                 create & created & creator & do |  work | stretch | 

                                   infinitude & work | do | produce | represent | manifest |    

                                    visible & represent | produce | cause | causation |  creation |    

                                  Artists cheat death by creating  

                             created  creators of  infinitudes of visible creations.



The c2 infinitudes of visible  creation  generates  English sentences and transforms them 

into abstract images and sequences of sounds. The mechanisms underlying the generation

are  described in Methods,  systems  and software for generating sentences and visual

and  audio compositions representing  said sentences” by Krasimira Dimtchevska 

and Svillen Ranev (Canadian patent CA 2704163).  

All  images located  on  this  web  site  are  generated by c2infinitudes 

copyright  ©  2011  by Krasimira Dimtchevska  and Svillen Ranev. The authors

do not warrant the completeness,  merchantability,  accuracy,  timeliness, veracity,

exactitude or fitness for a particular purpose of  the information located on this web  site.