The purpose of the dibillion dibinfinites project is the continuous creation of ever-changing sentences and images.          The  idea  for the project emerged several years ago when appalled by the banality my naturally occurring thoughts, driven by a desire to experience thoughts that no one had ever had before I  performed my first experiment  with a sequence of English synonyms and antonyms.           Back then  I constructed the sequence:  

t                            thought | topic | semiology | language | word |  phrase  &  sentence  &  meaning  

h                           |  topic  |   thought  |  prototype  |   set  |   located  |   quiescent  |  waiting | hope |       

o                           be certain | be discovered & understood premise | thought | ridicule |

u                           misinterpret  & thought | prototype |  set  |  be  embedded &  sequence  &           

 g                          word | synonym & antonym |                                                                                             

   h                        I filled in the abstract frame of an  English  sentence with words  selected         

      t                      from the  sequence and I  found the unbeknown to me  message:

        Thoughts of language as phrases and sentences waiting to  be discovered                      

        understood or misinterpreted are embedded in  sequences of synonyms.    

                         Convinced that embedded in this type of sequences, were sentences representing            

                         thoughts that I had never have before, I kept building sequences and recording  the       

                         ones in which I was able to find sentences that surprised me. My expanding  collection  

                        of oddities includes the  sequences  and  the embedded in them verses versus thatness


Krasimira Dimtchevska
KRASmira DIMTCHevska