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K. in K.S. Ranevia, also known as

Krasimira Dimtchevska, and

as Kraicy Dims was born in Sofia studied art in Poland, practiced art in Bulgaria,  searched for the

 meaning of life in art and for freedom from fear trough art, immigrated to Canada,  found  freedom  in the structures of English Language and the

pool of authorless  thoughts  that are sayable, rediscovered  the joy of  art among the abstract  representations of sentences such as "the antiseptic gossip precedes the  celestial manure" and

      found art in the

sequence of words:

Svillen Ranev or the entity S in K.S. Ranevia  was born in Bourgas, 

studied  electronics,  applied 

mathematics ,  and  computer 

science in Bulgaria, searched for

the  meaning of life in the computer simulation of large systems,  believed 

that art and computers can  liberate  humanity from artificially acquired superficiality,  married art in the human form of entity K and followed her geographically and artistically, has been teaching other people how to program computers, still loves art and 

computers but is  becoming more and more skeptical about the liberation thing.


| transience | death | event | reality & effect |   do  |  be  absurd  |  gamble  |  imagine | form  |  art  &  modify | correct | inform | state | event |  reality & death | event | death & reality & effect |  do |  commit &  cheat | deception | error | => 

Reality is absurd. Art corrects reality . Reality commits errors.

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